Privacy Policy

Protection of individual information policy

Privacy Policy

To recognize the importance of customer’s individual information (hereinafter referred to as “Individual information”), and to observe it, the law related to “Protection of individual information” and individual information management regulation provided by Nippon Gondola Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “NGC”) will execute the following tackling.

1.Collection of individual information

When our website is used to inquire or request of documents, you are also requested to provide your individual information such as E-mail address, name, address, phone number and etc.). In any case, NGC will inform you the purpose of use and collect the information within a proper range. Further, it shall be the provision basing on your intention.

2.Use of individual information

Individual information provided from you basing on your intention is used for the achievement of purpose which specified clearly to you and NGC does not utilize the information for other purpose except specified without your agreement.

3.Disclosure and provision of individual information to third party

NGC does not disclose the information to third party without your agreement butexcluding following case.

  • Case under your agreement.
  • Case requested disclosure by the law or public body such as court of justice, police office or etc..

4.Management of individual information

NGC manages the information strictly to prevent the leakage, the falsification, the loss and use except the agreed purpose in accordance with the relative law and the individual information management regulation provided by NGC. Moreover, it is strictly managed at the environment with proper security provided.

On the proper handling of it, necessary education and enlightenment campaign are provided to our staff.

5.complaint and inquiry

The inquiries about the personal information of our Privacy Policy or our possession, please contact our "consultation teller".

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